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Valmar has a 30-year tradition in manufacturing high-quality, sophisticated ice cream machines.Our customers have come to know us for our energy-efficient, well made, and user-friendly ice cream machines, our personal approach, and our outstanding user support. We share our year-long experience with interested parties at our training workshops. Valtek ice cream machines have found their way to many ice cream parlors around the world.



We’re constantly improving our products by choosing high-quality materials and utilizing the latest technological solutions from our development laboratory. In addition, we also collaborate with the Association for Vacuuming Technology, the Institute for Electronics and Telecommunications, and the Food Technology Department at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana.


Energy efficient

With lower water and energy consumption in the ice cream making process Valtek ice cream machines are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.


User-friendly operation

Valtek ice cream machines are easy and intuitive to manage and adapt to individual user’s needs. Our user-friendly solutions are the result of a close collaboration with our customers, which allows us to combine our technical skills with the practical experience of actual ice cream makers.


Personal approach and training

We accompany our customers on their entire ice cream making path and provide them with support and useful tips. Our training courses help start-ups gain basic skills and experience in the field of ice cream making, while seasoned ice cream makers get the chance to upgrade their knowledge.