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  • A Modo Mio opening in Milano
    We are excited to announce completion of another great project with our dear friend Elvan di Blasio and his team from A modo Mio. With the grand opening of their new shop in Milano, where we have placed Valtek’s finest ice cream machines, they will now try to conquer even the most demanding tastes in […]
  • Valtek ice cream machines now in pastry shop in Rožna dolina
    We successfully supplied a new ice cream machine for a pastry shop in Rožna dolina. It will help them create perfect home-made ice cream and enrich their offer with new, delicious ice cream in variety of taste.

Why Choose Valtek?

Excellent Cooling

User Friendly

High Performance


Ice Cream Makers


Our affordable and reliable classic, the right choice for anyone who prefers a mechanically controlled machine.


A batch freezer with electronic technology for creamy ice cream

Smart Master

The innovative computer-controlled champion for ice cream, completely tailored to user requirements.



The Master for preparing ice cream mixtures with pasteurization up to 85°C.


The Computer-controlled assistant for demanding users
to create amazing variety of pastry.



A practical two-in-one solution, combining a heating cylinder and a batch freezer.

The art of ice cream making

From a Good Batch Freezer Comes Well Made Delicious Ice Cream.

“During the extraction phase, one can clearly see that ice cream has an excellent structure and is homogeneous. The ice cream is compact, dry and full of volume. These characteristics make the ice cream look good in the display case, the texture does not change, and it lasts longer.”

Elvan Di Blasio, Pescara (Italy)

My SMART Batch Freezer is Excellent for Several Reasons.

“Although the machine is full of solid ice cream, I may stop it and restart the process. I do not need a blast chiller for fast cooling of the ice cream in order to have it ready for display. The machine automatically adjusts the ice cream production for maximum or minimum quantities of ice cream mixture.”

Tchoupy Ice Cream, Dion-leVal (Belgium)

Versatile & Functional

“A versatile ice cream machine, which enables the selection of the texture and hardness of the ice cream, regardless of the type of ice cream being produced. I’m satisfied with its functionality.”

Carlos Arribas, Zarautz (Spain)

Sweet Art Academy

We believe that providing our clients with knowledge contributes to higher quality ice cream and successful business. Join our Sweet Art Academy and lay the foundation of your future success in the exciting world of ice cream and gelato with our training personnel and industry experts.

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