One Machine, Two Solutions

A practical two-in-one solution, combining a heating cylinder and a batch freezer.

Optimize your investment costs with Valtek DUO – a two in one solution for production of ice cream! It is ideal for smaller quantities of ice cream, for starting your first ice cream shop and for adding ice cream offer to your business.

This smart combination of pasteuriser and ice cream will impress you with its effectiveness and provide you with all you need to make ice cream. Create different kinds of basic mixes, where every flavour has its own separate recipe or decide for a warm preparation of the ice cream mix, which is enabled by the built-in pasteurizer.

Valtek DUO was built with special attention to detail, which ensures a homogenously blended perfect ice cream mix every time! Its external tube provides for the fast and secure transfer of the hot mix from the pasteurizer tank to the cylinder, preventing contamination. In addition, by adjusting the temperature to the amount of the ice cream mix it power use is optimized and costs are lower.

Utilize the unique power of our Valtek DUO, the two-in-one champion to create perfect ice cream mixture!

Adjustable temperatures and heating

Set your desired temperature for ice cream base mixtures or special recipe mixtures with Valtek DUO’s temperature adjustable program. The temperatures can be set anywhere between 65 – 92°C, or you can decide for heating up to 85°C.

All-inclusive Ice Cream

Introducing a step above cold production of ice cream: Valtek DUO has a built-in heating cylinder which enables hot preparation of mixtures, which in the improves the overall quality and flavour of the ice cream and ensures a homogenously blended ice cream mix.

Optimal Economical Operation

Optimize your costs with Valtek DUO! The machine detects the quantity of the mixture and optimizes heating, which results in lower electric power consumption

Continued Spinning
for Better Mixing

A blocker in the heating tank prevents the mixture from following the stirrer and rotating in the tank.

Extraction Bypass Solution

Product from pasteurizer may be extracted into cooling cylinder or use a built-in tap, rotate it and extract your mixture into a bucket. This bypass is extremely useful for heating products other than ice cream mixtures.

Machine Capacity

Ice cream
Ice cream
Ice cream
Ice cream
min kgmax kgmin lmax lmax kg/hmax l/h
DUO 6262,88,43550
DUO 9292,812,65577
DUO 123124,216,875105
DUO 164155,622,4100140
DUO 186188,425120168
DUO 6d/351,562,18,43550
DUO 9d/55292,812,65577
DUO 12d/753124,216,875105
DUO 16d/1004155,622,4100140
DUO 18d/1206188,425,2120168

Technical Specifications

Mixer SpeedPowerCondenser Net WeightDimensions
Volt / Hz / PhkWkgHeightWidthDepth
DUO 6400/50/327,8water2601377610910
DUO 9400/50/329water3101377610910
DUO 12400/50/3211,5water3601377610910
DUO 16400/50/3216,3water41013776101055
DUO 18400/50/3218,4water42014376101055
DUO 6d/35400/50/327,8water2651377610910
DUO 9d/55400/50/329water3151377610910
DUO 12d/75400/50/3211,5water3651377610910
DUO 16d/100400/50/3216,3water41513776101055
DUO 18d/120400/50/3218,4water42514376101055