Multi-functional Assistant for Demanding Users

The multifunctional, fully adjustable and computer-controlled assistant for demanding users to create amazing variety of pastry.

Use the latest electronic technology and multifunctionality of our Valtek Pastosmart pasteurizer, a fully adjustable assistant that will impress you with its versatility and options for preparation of various ice cream mixtures, pastry creams, yoghurt or even for heating chocolate!
Expand your delicious offer with unique mixtures of white ice cream bases, yellow ice cream bases, chocolate ice cream bases and natural yoghurt!

Automatic Customized Control

Explore variety of settings of various processes, such as heating or cooling, setting or maintaining temperatures from 2 – 97°C. The Valtek Pastosmart enables you to adjust the mixing speed with simple start/stop options. The process is fully customizable to your needs and requirements.

Recording of Control points

Every Valtek Pastosmart machine has a built-in recorder so you can control and monitor your key control points, which gives you key information for HACCP. You can even transfer this information to a tablet computer and adjust the record according to different user needs.

Guaranteed Optimal Savings

Valtek Pastosmart will allow for low energy and water consumption. Its quality mechanical parts have a long technical lifetime and the machine itself will allow for long service intervals.

Remote Assistance Service

Use smart technology of our Valtek Pastosmart which enables the machine to be connected to the internet. The built-in remote assistance service will diagnose and notify you of any faults or deviations that occur with the machine.

Ice Cream Bases and Yoghurt

  • White ice cream bases
  • Yellow ice cream bases
  • Chocolate ice cream bases
  • Natural yoghurt

Machine Capacity

Tank CapacityCapacity per Cycle
lmin kgmax kg
PASTOSMART 13013930130

Technical Specifications

PowerCondenserNet WeightDimensions
Volt / Hz / PhkWkgHeightWidthDepth
PASTOSMART 60400/50/3Cont.9Water1801030350950/1100
PASTOSMART 130400/50/3Cont.12,5Water2151030520950/1100