Computer-controlled Champion

The innovative computer-controlled champion for ice cream, completely tailored to user requirements

If you prefer to have a completely computer – controlled batch freezer with latest – and awarded – innovative technology, Valtek Smart Master is the champion choice for you! No matter what your recipe is, the result will be excellent, perfectly created ice cream.

You will be amazed by its custom made intuitive autocontrol, which allows for individual program settings, setting the machine to use customized recipes and special program settings for individual recipes.

Valtek Smart Master’s batch freezer is completely computer controlled with support of innovative and awarded 2-inverter technology. It will provide for perfect high-quality ice cream creative design, which will always be optimally frozen! The freezing process can be adjusted and set for all types of ice cream mixtures.

The latest integrated technology enables the machine to be connected to the internet and offers you remote assistance, which will diagnose any faults with the machine and inform you about it immediately.

Become a true Master ice cream chef with our Valtek Smart Master!

Innovative Batch Freezer Computer Control

Always Perfect Optimally Frozen

Setting Freezing Process for all Types of Mixtures

2 Inverters for Ice Cream Creative Design

Custom-Made Autocontrol


Choose among different settings and programs for your perfect ice cream mixture:

  • MANUAL – for the most demanding and special recipes, which will help you create a perfect structure while you are freezing your ice cream
  • EXTRA HARD – when you need your ice cream to be very compact and dry, and also to last longer in the display case
  • FAST – a noble shortcut for quickly prepared ice cream, which will still be consistent and creamy, ready for shock freezing, for smaller and medium batch quantities.
  • SIMPLE – easy pre-set programs for delicious chocolate and creamy ice creams, yoghurts and sorbets

A variety of choice for the most extended offer and wildest imagination:

  • Vegan – smooth, stable ice cream without any additives
  • Garnished – beautiful decoration of multilayer ice cream trays
  • Creamy – excellent structure, spreadable and smooth ice cream, longer lasting stability
  • Chocolate – compact and soft, long lasting stability in display case
  • Fruit based – delicious, homogeneously crystallized and soft
  • Sorbets – perfectly mixed, compact with a long lasting stability
  • Granita – prepare your perfect coffee, lemon or fruit -based granita without emulsifiers
  • Alcohol – excellent freezing for recipes with alcohol to obtain perfect structure

Valtek Smart Master key benefits

Easy-saving settings

Valtek Smart Master offers simple setting of the production process, perfectly tailored for various types of ice cream: milk-based, chocolate, fruit-based, alcohol-based, diabetic ice cream or granita. Individual personalized settings
Explore individual settings to adjust the operation of your machine to your requirements and ice cream production methods. You will be able to modify individual settings at any time.

Complete extraction control

With Valtek Smart Master you have a complete extraction control, from progressive extraction to manually set extraction or even extraction with cooling. If you want your ice cream to be perfectly decorated or covered with special garnish, you are able to temporarily stop the extraction at any time.

Various mixing speeds

Discover variety of ice cream mixture with Valtek Smart Master’s various mixing speeds, from slow mixing to whipping at high velocities. You may even set the speed to progressive or one of pre-sets to create your perfect ice cream. In addition, you may adjust the speed in all phases without even stopping the machine!

Multilingual interface

Choose your preferred language of your user interface on provided LCD display.

Ecology and efficiency

Valtek Smart Master is the highest quality class, environment-friendly product, which will give you flexibility and optimal production process with lower energy and water consumption.

Machine Capacity

MachineIce cream mixturep / cIce cream produced p / cIce cream mixtureIce cream produced
min kgmax kgmin l max lmax kg/hmax l/h
SMART MASTER 9/551,59,52,113,25575
SMART MASTER 12/752122,816,875102
SMART MASTER 16/1003154,223,8100138
SMART MASTER 19XL/1204195,626,6120150
SMART MASTER 23XL/1404235,632,2140180
SMART MASTER 27XL/150527737,8150215

Technical Specifications

MachineElectrical ConnectionMixer SpeedPowerCondenser Net WeightDimensions (mm)Inverter
Volt / Hz / PhkWkgHeightWidthDepth
SMART MASTER 9/55400/50/3Cont.8water2651415520860serial
SMART MASTER 12/75400/50/3Cont.8,5water2951415520860serial
SMART MASTER 16/100400/50/3Cont.10,5water3401500520860serial
SMART MASTER 19XL/120400/50/3Cont.14,5water3751500610955serial
SMART MASTER 23XL/140400/50/3Cont.16,5water4551500610955serial
SMART MASTER 27XL/150400/50/3Cont.20,5water53015006101155serial