A Reliable Classic

Our highly competitive and affordable reliable classic, the right choice for anyone who prefers a mechanically controlled machine.

If you prefer a mechanically controlled machine, want an excellent service and long life of your machine, our highly competitive and affordable batch freezer Valtek UNI is the right choice for you. Its sturdy design and detailed assembly will provide you excellent ad long term ice cream production. The machine is built with optimum cooling system and provides low energy use. The large openings allow quick filling while the see-through lid allows you to monitor the process. This results in great ice cream every time!

Complete mechanical control

Valtek UNI machine enables every user to control It In a simple manner while maintaining full control over the work process.

Adjustable Cooling Temperature

To prepare various types of ice creams, the temperature of Valtek UNI can be adjusted to fit the perfect temperature for your delicious ice cream: lower temperatures for milk-based ice creams and higher temperature for fruit-based ice creams and sorbets.

Simple temperature adjustment

Adjust the temperature in your machine with a simple turn of a dial. Your team will easily embrace this simple operation without complex electronics.

Simple and Easy Cleaning

We built a quality hose in our Valtek UNI to make it really easy to clean. You can easily wash the entire surface of the machine, thus providing immaculate cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Completion Buzzing Sound

You will always know when your ice cream is ready! A buzzing sound is triggered to let the user know that the ice cream has been made and is ready for extraction.

Easy and Economical Maintenance

Every spare part you would possibly need is readily available and the machine is easy to repair. This makes our Valtek UNI highly competitive and affordable.

Machine Capacity

MachineIce cream mixturep / cIce cream produced p / cIce cream mixtureIce cream produced
min kgmax kgmin l max lmax kg/hmax l/h
UNI 6/351,562,193554
UNI 9/55292,813,25575
UNI 12/753124,216,875102
UNI 16/1004155,623,8100138
UNI 19XL/120519726,6120150
UNI 23XL/1406238,432,2140180
UNI 27XL/1507279,837,8150215

Technical Specifications

MachineElectrical ConnectionMixer SpeedPowerCondenser Net WeightDimensions (mm)
Volt / Hz / PhkWkgHeightWidthDepth
UNI 6/35400/50/324,1water2251340520860
UNI 9/55400/50/327water2601340520860
UNI 12/75400/50/328,5water2901340520860
UNI 16/100400/50/3210,5water3151420610955
UNI 19XL/120400/50/3211,6water3701420610955
UNI 23XL/140400/50/3213,6water45014206101055
UNI 27XL/150400/50/3214,8water52014206101155