Tradition, Know-How and Quality

The story of Valtek ice cream machines starts with our founder and innovator Marijan Jejčič, who built our very first ice cream machine back in 1984. Only a few years later Valmar company was founded and the journey to our customers begun. At this moment we offer different product ranges of gelato and ice cream machines which meet the needs of large and small businesses. We also hold a prominent position among professional innovators active in the ice-cream-making industry.

The mission of our company is to integrate innovative technologies with the artisanal tradition of confectioners. We create user-friendly solutions by developing precise production processes, with a strong emphasis on the good quality and functionality of machines. A particular attention is dedicated to the quality of used materials and mechanical parts as well as sustainability, ecological awareness, ergonomics and superior design.

Valtek Creates a Sweeter Nicer and Easier Life for it’s Customers

The result of our dedication, hard work and excellence over the years reflects through our long-lasting brand and market presence. Building on classic functionality, our newest product range incorporates SMART technologies enabling automation, consistency and customization, empowering you to focus on customers and encouraging your creativity.

Why Choose Valtek?

With a 30-year tradition in manufacturing excellent high-quality modern ice cream machines, Valtek utilizes years’ experience, combined with latest technological solutions from our development laboratory. Valtek is known worldwide and our customers know us for our energy-efficient, well built and user-friendly gelato and ice cream machines, as well as our understanding of their needs, personal approach and excellent support. Throughout the years, whe have successfully combined our technical skills and innovation approach with the practical experience of actual ice cream makers.

The ice cream you create with Valtek machines will be smooth, compact and long lasting as a result of the Valtek cooling system and the beater that ensures the water is frozen into tiny, uniform ice crystals.

Broad range of Machine Models

Made in 7 sizes, our models cater the needs of large and small companies. They are available from 6l to 27l.

Cylinder – the heart of the machine

Our cylinders can be provided in XXL size. Larger machines with 19- and 27-l capacities have also wider and longer cylinders for larger quantities of ice cream mixture, ensuring better production quality.

Excellent Cooling System Functions

Achieve maximum cooling efficiency and high cooling capacity with our excellent cooling system functions by expanding the cooling gas directly onto the cylinder.

User-friendly System with Ergonomic Design

It doesn’t matter whether you are an absolute beginner or a top chef, our system enables you to easily operate and manage it as it is designed to be completely user-friendly.

High Efficiency of our Machines

The special construction of our cylinders and beaters empowers our machines with the highest possible efficiency. It also enables the fast, practical and full extraction of the ice cream mixture from the cylinder.

Monolithic Cylinder and Front Panel

Such design provides for long term operation of the machine, seamless protection and hygiene.

Simple Cleaning of Stainless Steel Parts

Maintenance and cleaning of your machine has never been easier! Our stainless steel parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher. In addition, two water dispensing flexible hoses enable direct cleaning of a machine with warm water.

Unique Computer-controlled Machines

Our machines have computer built-in unique controllers with smart technology to produce dry and creamy ice cream.

Valtek Sweet Art Academy

Develop a more personal understanding of the ice-cream-making process and let our training experts to give you and your co-workers insight into design, production, marketing and sales of ice cream.