Training with Tradition

We believe that providing our clients with knowledge contributes to higher quality ice cream and successful business. Join our Sweet Art Academy and lay the foundation of your future success in the exciting world of ice cream and gelato with our training personnel and industry experts!

We will give you the opportunity to test our machines, our experts will advise you about equipment selection during the business planning phase and our technical team will assist you with setup and tuning your machine to your recipes and ingredients.

Our training will give you

  • High-level technical knowledge, expertise in ingredients and understanding in new trends of ice cream industry
  • Inside knowledge about the design and production of our ice cream and gelato machines
  • Thorough review of marketing and sales options for you in the ice cream industry
  • You will grow a more personal understanding in the ice-cream-making process

Our vision is to train new chefs who will shape the art of ice cream making with their own selection of ingredients and recipes. Training course topics are adapted to different levels of participants – from beginners, starting out to adept professionals, seeking to expand a particular area.

Key benefits

Tichy Ice Cream Salon in Vienna

Personal approach

Take advantage of our personal coaching and training, where we teach you everything, from setup of your machine to preparation of ice cream of all kinds

Choose a variety of implementation: from basic to professional trainings

Both, beginners as well as professionals will benefit from our courses, where you will have an excellent opportunity to improve knowledge and exchange ideas. We are mostly focused on practical training and hands-on presentations.

Personalized trainings, designed to fit your needs

The course is based entirely according to your needs, timeframe and adjusted to your prior experience.

Sweet Art Academy Classrooms

Learn in the most modern, specially adapted classroom at our headquarters, which enables lots of practical work. Training’s topics are developed for all levels of experience, from beginners, who have never worked in this industry to successful and professional ice cream makers.

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