Master of Ice Cream Mixture Preparation

The Master for preparing ice cream mixtures with pasteurization up to 85°C.

In dairy based ice cream production, pasteurization and aging process are the key factors to ensure a flawless and high-quality ice cream mixture base.
Use the latest electronic technology to digitally control pasteurization, aging and ice cream manufacturing with Valtek Past. It enables pasteurization up to 85°C and maturing at 4-8°C of various types of ice cream mixtures. Our indespensable assistant will provide for cooling and ageing of pasteurised ice cream mixtures, which will result in better flavour as well as increase your production flexibility. It is also especially suitable for smaller quantities of ice cream mixtures! With its excellent blending process your result will be smooth, nearly homogenized ice cream mix.

Become a true master for preparing ice cream mixtures with our Valtek Past electronic pasteurizer!

Tempered Mixing Tank

Pasteurization Program

Effortless Cleaning

Automatic Monitoring and Control

Printer connection

Machine Capacity

Tank CapacityCapacity per Cycle
lmin kgmax kg
PAST 60672060
PAST 13013930130

Machine Specifications

PowerNet WeightDimensions
Volt / Hz / PhkWkgHeightWidthDepth
PAST 60400/50/3271801030350950/1100
PAST 130400/50/3212,52151030520950/1100