Electronic Technology for Creamy Ice Cream

A batch freezer with electronic technology for creamy ice cream

If you prefer to have digital control over your ice cream production, work with different presets and let electronics take care of your ice cream manufacturing process, our Valtek DIGI is the right choice for you. Explore variety of options to create various types and quantities of ice creams with multiple mixing speeds and different quantities of the mixture in the cylinder. Use state of the art technology to produce the optimum blend of ice cream mix with wide range of flavors and textures.

Valtek DIGI is a batch freezer which will convince you that electronics are on your side.

Complete Digital Control

Valtek DIGI provides complete digital control of work process which you can follow on a display and be immediately updated at what stage your production is at that moment. The display shows notifications and diagnostics.

Beater Rotation Inverter

Take advantage of multiple mixing speeds to create various types of ice creams (granita, sorbets, milk-based ice creams) with our special beater rotation inverter. It also supports different quantities of the mixture in the cylinder. All Valtek DIGI XL batch freezers have the inverter fitted as standard, which ensures the smooth operation of the machine, thus producing better ice cream.

Rotation Speed Adjustment

Decorate the extracted ice cream in a simple and convenient manner with Valtek DIGI’s rotation speed adjustment, which enables you to stop and continue with ice cream extraction after you are done with decorating.

Flexible Cleaning Hose

We built a quality and flexible hose in our Valtek DIGI to make it really easy to clean. You can easily wash the entire surface of the machine, ice cream hopper, cylinder and extraction chute, thus providing immaculate cleanliness and hygiene standards.

Adjustable Program Selection

Set the final temperature of ice cream, the duration of ice cream production and the final consistency of ice cream with Valtek DIGI’s simple program selection on the control panel!

Self – Adjusting Beater

Ensure excellent mixing of ice cream mixture with self-adjusting beater and scrapers of Valtek DIGI. In addition, the cylinder will be also clean once the ice cream extraction is completed!

Machine Capacity

MachineIce cream mixturep / cIce cream produced p / cIce cream mixtureIce cream produced
min kgmax kgmin l max lmax kg/hmax l/h
DIGI 6/351,562,193554
DIGI 9/55292,813,25575
DIGI 12/753124,216,875102
DIGI 16/1004155,623,8100138
DIGI 19XL/120519726,6120150
DIGI 23XL/1406238,432,2140180
DIGI 27XL/1507279,837,8150215

Technical Specifications

MachineElectrical ConnectionMixer SpeedPowerCondenser Net WeightDimensions (mm)Inverter
Volt / Hz / PhkWkgHeightWidthDepth
DIGI 6/35400/50/324,1water2251340520860optional
DIGI 9/55400/50/327water2601340520860optional
DIGI 12/75400/50/328,5water2901340520860optional
DIGI 16/100400/50/3210,5water3151420610955optional
DIGI 19XL/120400/50/3Cont.14,5water3701420610955serial
DIGI 23XL/140400/50/3Cont.16,3water45014206101055serial
DIGI 27XL/150400/50/3Cont.20water52014206101155serial